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Wednesday, 17 February 2010


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Your hair is looking fab, Soror. How long did you transition before you chopped? Isn't it amazing how you can use the cheapest things and still get expensive looking results?


You do not look awful in that pic...you're a very pretty woman. Your hair is rocking chick!


Your eyebrows are giving me life! I LOVE your hair!


Your hair is looking great!!! Where is Dreamy1? I can't get her on BBM either..


Yeah! Finally an update! I really like the side pulled up.

Single Ma

Your hair looks so soft and pretty!


Your hair looks great. How did you get the color to take? I've never had much luck with trying to color natural hair!


It looks like you have similar texture hair as my daughter, I could do this with her hair but I couldn't do it with mine at all, it's not naturally soft and curly like this.

Air Force 1

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