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Thursday, 20 January 2011


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I happily share where I buy things. What's the big deal? Share and share alike. That's like being asked a question you KNOW the answer to but directing the person to google instead.

We have the wrong mentality when it comes to sharing information, wealth, good fortune, etc. It's like we're programmed to do for self and not look out for the next person.

Now, she didn't have to give you a coupon or nothing but sharing the store is not that big a deal to me.


I'll share. I don't mind at all. Especially if it's a super good deal. Shoot, I want everybody to save a little lol


I share without any reservations. Since I am not the consummate shopper, if I find a real bargain on a great item, it is probably because someone else directed me to it.

And I do not get her comment about not wanting people to have the same item. Since she probably purchased it at a department store, her white shirt was mass-produced. Plenty of others have it as well.

But hang in there! You will find exactly the white shirt you are looking for.


I'm with Undrea, she got it from a department store. Plenty people have the shirt. I always share when people ask me where I've purchased an item.

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